White Beinichi No-info And blah

Friday, in the morning.

White-clouded sky, and the heat already — not so much the heat, in fact: the humidity in the air.

S wants to go out for breakfast... So I'll be quick. Not that I usually have the luxury to take my time anyway, eh.

Some on-going sorting in the Bento's links. Slightly tired of a lucky shot and then nothing else to see.

I need coffee.

As Mr. Dersot reminds it, Rakuten shall go English in 2012. I really don't get the fuss — although I live off it — about communication in English, whether you are three or seventy-two (see my dear Eikenman): most Japanese won't ever get the opportunity of trying it out —except maybe on foreign tourists when they catch one. — There! Look! An English speaker (= a white man)! Go talk to him in English my boy, so that I feel that all the money I spend on you doesn't go to waste! ...

I don't get it — meaning, I don't know how all of it began. Some remaining complex (Nosaka Akiyuki and the shock of the arrival of these gigantic soldiers, whom you can't throw off with a movement of the waist, as propaganda claimed)? Some excuse of globalization (get one foot in business in Japan, and be prepared not to be able to get out of it ever again)? some serious brain-washing (a market created out of thin air by ushing the right buttons)? some typically Japanese dead-end response (overdoing it until all pops)?

Anyway, I get radio-interviewed this summer about my expatriation and life here. Let's get wild and sort out things that should be said.

No-one can imagine how strict my low-information diet is. Not that I suffer from it — all the opposite, m'am. 100% natural. I've been doing this for more than ten years now, after reading the paper everyday. I hear things from people I meet. 'People'? They used to be customers at the flea market. Now, students. Information — that is, immediate history — is likely to be fake for the most part anyway. The rest can be deduced: not much is new under the sun, unfortunately.

Bah, 'tis not as if any of it was tremendously important anyway — what I am saying, what the media is saying. 'Tis just that people never learn.

I found it funny for two days, but today my head, back and legs hurt and I am tired of working-camping.

Off we go.

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