Sun Japan-TV Too much And blah

Monday morning.

A post in French for once. Eh.

Long time we hadn't had such a fine weather. Rainy season far from over, I fear. A sunny day means much, especially since the sun sets so early in Japan — a hassle.

Tired when I wake up. Up until too late. One more week with no day off and it's back to the usual. Those lessons on Sundays left room for no real rest. One more week.

Coffee, cigarette.

At last a decent program on TV last night, that started with the economic crisis in Greece — of which the Japanese economists are so fond — only to show how dire the situation is in Japan. Probably forgotten as soon as shown, unfortunately: immediate personal pleasure is the drive here — thus those numerous pseudo-comical and cooking programs at all hours.

I simply used not to care about TV; I am now getting tremendously allergic to it — irritation — now that I have to watch it. My study & library being now full of books — piles of time — I work on the computer in the living room and TV is almost always on there, even though S is being careful but it just doesn't work. It is just loud even at low volume, hurting the ears and the mind, a focus-killer.

Funny how any tournament — thank you Soccer World Cup, not — is at once turned into an epic battle. Hint: what is on TV is the negative mirror of real life — an epic battle? probably pre-arranged money matters; large and long laughters? anguish and fear; top-branded, over-accessorized trendy gals? more people below can't make ends meet; hours of some flashy sports event eveyday? to hide the dirty hands and skeleton in the cupboard. And so on. It's not that TV shows what people want to see: it just doesn't show what people don't want to see. And whatever.

Hurrying too much maybe.

Too much, spending too much time on the computer, wanting to do more so as to do less later, but it is just self-delusion. In need of a real break.

One of the plants on the balcony — a sort of reddish clover — was just full of minute white spiders and dying. A heartbreak to have to throw it away. I hope the rest wasn't parasited. Goya-chan and Basil-kei looking great. I think I'll let the basil bloom once for seeds for next year. We'll see.

How about a rollwich ? ; )

Off we go.

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