Sleep Over Photos And blah

Monday morning.

Slept from PM9 to AM6:30 — hadn't happened in years. It's dark until AM8 or so — I didn't know: the usual hours more AM5-9:30. A few days unworked; back to the parents' for Xmas.

In doubt regarding whether we'll have a white 24th: barely cold and mild rain, supposedly. Oh well.

Looking into and buying mounts and frames.


It is interesting — and a bit annoying — how mixed voice and head voice are exclusive, and if you work too much on one you lose the other. Not unrelated to how tessitura works, and how it creeps up or down depending on which height you work on, but rarely expands both ways beyond your original range.

S is back from Japan, so going back to pizza-free (she hates pizza), work-light (can't work undisturbed at home while Mrs.'s awake) days.

On an impulse in the middle of the usual depression, just quit Tyrant and DotD, in which I had invested quite some time over the past year or so. It's a bit sad, really; but S won't mind, I'm sure. Back to sorting out and editing pictures.

Sushi cravings at times. And smoke. And chocolate.

I often dream of A.

E. Watson is undoubtedly sexiest in Azkhaban. What does that make me, ha ha.

Will rework a bit my photobooks and make three of them public: one hardcover with vertical color pics, another with oblong b&w pics, and a smaller square softcover with a selection of both.

Gotta order those business cards.

Off you go.

2 commentaires:

kwarkito a dit…

Bon ce n'est pas l'enthousiasme délirant tout de même.... Allez quoiqu'il en soit Bonnes saturnales...

n a dit…

C'est rarement le cas ; ) A l'année prochaine !