Blogger Tweaks III (at least)

With the coming of HTML5 and Blogger platform changes here and there, I found my HTML/CSS noob of a self largely outdated as I wanted to customize a new blog for my paper / pop-up works. After some light research I managed - roughly - to do what I wanted. For my information and record (and yours), a few helpful links:

Split your header in two (painless)

This was found, after some wandering, on TellForceBlog (thank you).
Just in case it should go down, here is a screenshot:

Just for the record, the same splitting for tabs here.

I went to great pains to change the color of the tabs and of the footer (you have to find the attributes and tweak). They now use some stored images instead of hexa/RBG colors. Grrr at that.

For the record also, how not to use tables (not tried yet), here and here.

And something I'd really like to do if I had the time: build a Blogger template design from scratch.

And the previous tricks (a good part still being useful and used) can be found
 here and here, among others.

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