Coffee Japanese Monochrome And blah

Thursday, in the morning.

Coffee, cigarette, cookies.

A small sunny morning. Quiet out. I'd like to go out and stroll, but different things on the go.

Last night, finished the last Potter I had in stock. Which is really a disastrous thing: it had such a positive impact on the mood, distracting the mind from earthy preoccupations. Anyway, I guess that means the material diary is back in business. The time spent in transports had been flying by quite fast these past few days.

"Japan’s government says the hunting of dolphins and whales is an important cultural tradition." Yeah right, as is bullying, soaplands, keeping wives in the house (well, most yearn for it), and so on. Let's all kill whales and dolphins and be true Japanese.

More than anywhere maybe, inertia force is great here. Safeguarded by groups of weak-minded led by the stupid strong, let alone by individuals for fear of retaliation and discomfort in their everyday lives.

As I was checking the come-n-goes for AJB, I stumbled — no tech pun intended — across another photoblog with black and white photos. It is funny how many b&w pics are produced here and there. Well, digital devices and on-line publishing do make what used to be expensive, truly unexpensive. What bothers me is, that why do most feel compelled to associate b&w with art ? I feel something quite snobbish here. Me ? I give no preference.

In fact, maybe I like color better. Depends on the shot, I guess.

The bad weeds of the window box keep on growing. Peas for one, methinks. What could those other green things be ? Can't wait to see more of them.

It had been a while, a post in English — a first here, at any rate. It reminded me how approximate the English language is. (As is my use and abuse of it, it goes without saying. But still.) Its most precise voices — maybe not the most beautiful, I admit — being some XVIIIth-century Englishmen, all fluent in French and deeply influenced by it, particularly regarding punctuation, that great and meaningful breathing.

Our Bento page is still too dense. Looking for a way to cram the blog reading list onto a specific page. Any idea, anyone ?

Anyway, off we go.

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