Rain Difference Cigs And blah

Thursday, in the morning.

Raining cats & dogs. Temperatures and weather going from an extreme to the other. Such a beautiful day, yesterday — a last taste of summer, 'twas.

Got drenched on the bicycle, a couple of days ago.

The cough is still there. Can't expect too much : too many a cigarette.

The new template for these pages is ready — no big difference visually, mind you — but I am not too sure any more, whether this would come as an improvement or not. Those pictures are huge indeed : can't come to imagine what that would make on a laptop — lots of scrolling up and down, I guess. Maybe I should come back to a more reasonable page size — although I have had no complain on AJB, which HP is over 1000px wide, but then again with decent picture size only. I guess I'll delay, or resize. We'll see.

Talking about cigarettes : prices go up a steep 100 yens or so. Would have liked to stock up some more. Bah.

China and Japan playing like kids, with harsh, adult words. Stupid.

In the end, decided to re-watch GITS: SAC — the whole lot. Even better than I remembered it.

A bit hungry, wouldn't mind a refill of coffee.

Early start for the lessons, today.

Off we go.

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